roswell : i am beginning to *heart* it

I am so excited for all of the changes that are going on in my life.  I am really loving Roswell the more I am here.  I love being somewhere new and exciting.  Speaking of new and exciting, Roswell won’t know what hit it!  There are so many cool places to shoot here.  There are these amazing Pecan Orchards all around Roswell.  Do you call them and orchard if they are not fruit?   Hmmm… interesting.  Alex said someone told him there are also lavender fields around here too.  So excited.

Here are a few pictures that my fab hubby took.  Isn’t he talented! *heart*

I really want to go out shooting while I am here.  I will post some of my pictures later.

A lot of the downtown main street is of course themed to Aliens



285 South!  Gotta love it if you ever watched Roswell.


I had to post this for my nephews.  Star Wars is lame, but they love it!


Yeah . . .



It isn’t all aliens though.  Here is a cool truck sitting outside a local restaurant.


And now my dream house.  If I only had $400,000 dollars lying around!  LOL!  It is the most amazing house I have ever seen


I like the pictures a lot especially the sweet McDonald’s UFO. I tell you that the next time we are in Roosevelt we should get together so you move to Roswell? :) I am happy for you guys and excited for your new adventures. I have only been to Farmington but I liked it so I am sure all of New Mexico is great. I love the new site you are very very talented Ballou/Peterson.

Kelli McBride

Tonya love the pictures, they are amazing. I need you to take more pictures of me! Well im going to miss you, have fun in Roswell

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