Photography II Class in Roswell

Hi friends. I have felt so privileged to be able to teach photography classes. It is one of the best parts of my job and I am so excited to teach more and more. I am so excited to offer a new class in Roswell that continues where the last class left off. If you didn’t talk the last class, but feel comfortable with shooting manually this class will be great for you. We will be learning more about lighting and composition, as well as mastering color zone system. We will also be shooting a lot more. I have planned a model shoot that will be a wonderful portfolio builder. The price for this class is 175.00. If you are interested in this class please email me right away. I am limiting this class to only 6 people. So if you want a spot please email me ASAP!

If you can’t make this class or would like to take the Basics of Photography class I teach private lessons as well. Please email me for dates and pricing!




Aisle Candy is MAJOR Eye Candy

I sometimes (ok all the time!) wish I was getting married again. Not to a new person of course, but just another big beautiful wedding. Brides now have so many great resources and ideas floating the internet that we didn’t have 6 years ago when I got married. I am quite jealous. One of the majorly beautiful wedding blogs out there is Aisle Candy. They are a fairly new blog and when I first stumbled across their site I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I just loved everything about it so I decided to advertise on there. This morning the owner of Aisle Candy wrote a sweet little post introducing Tonya Peterson Photography as a new sponser. I am so grateful to be a part of a great blog and also for the friendship I have formed with Katie. Please head on over there and leave her bunches of comments! Make sure you have a while to stay on the blog because it is gorgeous!

SO happy to have you as part of Aisle Candy Tonya! Your work is just so stunning and I was honored to post about you today! Keep up the AMAZING work!!!

being a kid

My house is a hot mess right now. If you know me personally at all you will know that I am NOT the housekeeping type. At all. But this hot mess I am in right now might trump every other mess I have ever made. I am going to 100% blame it on my house flooding. Yes. I love that idea.  Well ok I guess that was just the catalyst that propelled me into the situation I am in now. So one might ask, why are you blogging when you could be cleaning? Well I can think of about a million, but the best reason is I shot some adorable pictures of Paige blowing bubbles today and I wanted to share them.

I am always amazing at how much kids go crazy for bubbles. I think the best investment I will ever make will be an automatic bubble machine that can be turned on and Paige can be let loose…must write that on my shopping list. As I was taking pictures of Paige today the thought crossed my mind of just how sweet and innocent she really is. I envied her attitude towards her care free life and longed to feel the same way again. Here is the question though…why can’t I feel the same way? I have an amazing 3 year old who would LOVE it if I would act like a kid with her once in a while. So my goal for this week is to make some Paige time and forget my ever growing to do list. How great it is to have a reason to act like a kid.


I love this post! How we all need to be reminded of that… going back to our youth. It was a grand time of carefree living, relying totally on your parents to take care of everything. In the same way we should rely on our Father to take care of everything as we live a life of freedom and bliss. :) I love you beautiful!

These images are so cute! Totally captures my sense of nostalgia. :]

Spring Photography Classes

I am so excited to announce 4 new photography classes for spring 2011. I absolutely love teaching and sharing the knowledge of photography that I have!  These classes in the past have filled up quickly

Basic Photography I $150.00

Basic Photography I is all about learning to use your SLR camera. We will be learning how to shoot your camera in manual mode, understanding light, nailing your exposure and basic composition. I strongly believe that the best way to learn is to shoot your heart out and get your work critiqued. So we will have a bunch of that too!  Fully adjustable digital or film SLR camera is required. Lunch will be provided.

Basic Photography II $175.00

Basic Photography II is for people who have either completed the Basic Photography I class or that have a basic understanding of their camera and can shoot in manual mode with success. We will dig deeper into the principals of light and composition. We will work on producing high quality images through advanced camera controls and lighting. A digital or film SLR camera is required.

If you would like to sign up for a class please fill out the form below. Please specify which class you are interested in. If there is room available, payment will be due immediately to reserve your spot, and refundable only if I am able to fill your spot in the class.

finding everyday treasures

I spend a good hour or so everyday surfing through my favorite blogs and sometime I feel so overwhelmed. I see these perfect little families which I so stylish (I am in sweats with crazy hair) and put together. I end up thinking, man they have such a wonderful and blessed life.  Then something happens. I come across a small treasure while cleaning out my hard drives. A picture of Paige I forgot I even took. No, I don’t have a perfectly put together house in my perfect clothes and perfect hair style…but the truth is my life is perfect for me. I have a husband who loves me so much and a kid who thinks I am the greatest mom in the world. Life is pretty good.



Brenda Fisher

Perfect people are boring. If your kid thinks you’re the best and you have a sweet heart who loves you, what more do you need? Oh yes, the in person guidance of your favorite sister. Please get your cute buns here quickly so I can act as your mentor. Thanks.

Go Tonya Go!! You rock girl :) xo