Fall Family Pictures

I found the perfect spot for pictures in the fall. It is amazing, my new secret spot. I just had to share it with my brother in law and his family. Every year I look forward to spending time with them and taking pictures of their adorable family. Love you guys!

If you are interested in booking a family session, they are on sale all of October. More information can be seen here.

Christy Peterson

Tonya, these are AMAZING! Thank you so much!

My Little Flower Girl

Every spring I can count on a few things happening.One, the snow will melt and be replaced with beautiful tulips and daffodils and two, Paige will pick them all without asking. For as long as I can remember Paige has loved flowers, so when Kim gave her some leftovers from a wedding she squealed in anticipation. I told her when we got home she could make her very first bouquet. Maybe I have a floral designer in the making.

I love these pictures! And there is no “maybe” about it, Paige is going to be my assistant in the future! :)

My Little German Girl

I love being married to someone who is so proud of his German heritage. When we were at Oktoberfest last weekend he lit up like a roman candle. I love him for it and am jealous that he knows his family heritage so well. His grandparents came over to America after WWII and brought with them all the amazing traditions of Germany. My Paigey is a German to the core. Love you my little girl.

Speaking of lighting up like a roman candle, look how excited Paige got when she saw her daddy walking up the path. She loves him so much.


Thank you so much to Kim from Petal Pixie for the beautiful flower halo.



Whenever I attempt to get pictures of my children I feel as though everything has to be perfect…no hair out of place…clothes cleaned and ironed. But who is like that all the time? Answer…no one. The best memories I have of Paige is of her in one of my t-shirts with bed head and a huge smile.

A few weeks ago I did a shoot with Kim of Petal Pixie at her brothers house. I was tripping over her two adorable, messy faced nephews all morning and I loved every minute of it. After the shoot I decided to snap a few pictures of them next to the most beautiful window. So simple and I love the pictures. They look imperfectly perfect.

Tonya! These are the most adorable images of my nephews! Thank you for taking the time to snap some shots of them.

Rachel W

Tonya these are perfect! You do a great job. Thank you so much for taking pic of my boys and capturing their lively spirits.

A New Website and a BIG Sale

My website and blog was down while I was redesigning and rebranding. It was a long and sometimes frustrating process but I love the results. In celebration of the new website, I am having a HUGE family picture sale!

If you are interested in getting family pictures taken please email me!

Stephanie Hyder

Can you do senior pictures for this price or similar. How much do you charge for prints or can I just purchase images edited on disk.

I just emailed you Stephanie!